About The Written Gift

The Written Gift is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community with advance care planning (ACP).

The Written Gift utilizes community outreach and education to promote ACP and advocate for patient choice. We work collaboratively with agencies and facilities in our community to implement health care programs that encourage patient participation in ACP and assure patient centered care.


To promote end of life choices based on individual goals, values and beliefs.


To engage the community in an advance care planning process.


Why we help

I volunteer my time to honor the memory of an amazing man who was near and dear to my daughter and I.  He had a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity and while battling a terminal illness for over 10 years.   He made the most of every day and never complained about his pain or diagnosis.   He continued to think he would live until he was in his 80’s, but he died at the age of 52.   This is likely why he never completed a health care directive.  As his significant other, I can testify to the challenges and difficulties of not having a health care directive.  Providing your family with a document to guide them through the difficult journey towards your death, is the ultimate gift of love.  It can bring reassurance and peace during a time of fear and uncertainty. Do it for them and for yourself.   Now is the time to write your gift!

~Written Gift Board Member

As a critical care nurse, I frequently witnessed the stress and distress families experience when a loved one is critically ill and unable to speak for themselves.  The Advance Health Care Directive helps families make difficult decisions knowing they are honoring choices their loved one made previously.

Have the conversation!  Complete the Advance Directive!

It is a gift to your loved ones!

~Pauline T, RN

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The Written Gift continues to monitor the (COVID 19) Corona Virus situation and will make changes to keep us all safe. 


  1. The individual in person and group facilitation for clients are available.
  2. Group VIRTUAL Sessions starting February 14th via Zoom Video.
  3. VIRTUAL Sessions (Phone, Email, Face-time and Zoom video)

To schedule online and/or in-person individual and group facilitation:

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