Start with a conversation

Advance care planning is about conversation and we can help you to start one!

Conversation Starters

Lean to start a conversation through:

Honoring Choices, MN

The Conversation Project

The Convenings 

Some sample starter statements and questions:

  • "I've been thinking about what it's like to be old in our country, and I want to be sure that my wishes are followed when I get there."
  • "Do you remember when my uncle died?  Our whole family was confused because no one knew what to do.  Do you think we should talk about what we want, to make sure it's easier for our family if something were to happen to one of us?"
  • "Have you ever thought about what you would want if you were in a coma?  I've found myself thinking about that lately ...."
  • "When I was at the doctor's office for my regular check-up last month, they asked if I have done any Advance Care Planning, and now I've been thinking about it ...."

How can I get involved?


Learn how to have a conversation about advance care planning with your family members.


Join us by participating in an educational event about advance care planning.


Your contribution is a gift that keeps on giving. See how you can get involved.