Create A Plan

Advance care planning is important. Every adult should have a healthcare directive. It is the best way to communicate your goals, values and beliefs about your healthcare wishes to your loved ones.

What is Health Care Planning?

Advance care planning is a process. It starts with identifying your health care values and preferences and exploring end of life options. It continues with an open discussion between you, your loved ones, your health care agent, and your health care provider. The ideal result is the completion of a health care directive.

Why Do I Need A Health Care Directive?

Completing a health care directive assures that in the midst of a medical crisis or when unable to speak for yourself, you will receive the care you would choose if you were able to make your wishes known.

How Do I Create A Plan?

The Written Gift works directly with health care providers, local agencies and facilities to help you create a health care directive.

Trained facilitators are available to meet with you individually to guide you through the process.

How can I get involved?


Learn how to have a conversation about advance care planning with your family members.


Join us by participating in an educational event about advance care planning.


Your contribution is a gift that keeps on giving. See how you can get involved.